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Sometimes It Can be Tooooooo Big!

Sometimes It Can be Tooooooo Big!

The iPad Pro has had a lackluster reception in its first few weeks in the market.  More than a few people have noted (for good or bad) that iPad Pro just didn’t work for them.  Unfortunately, those of us who attempted to use it in lieu of a traditional MacBook may have been let down.  One person we spoke with was unable to fit her “work flow” into the iPad Pro regardless of how she tried to force it.  For an additional $300 more than the least expensive iPad Air 2, Apple needs to have more than just a bigger screen.

On the other hand, a doctor friend of mine loves using his new iPad Pro because of his ability to markup documents and hand-write notes for his patients. He glides through his patient charts with ease as he circles, highlights, and initials documents for his clinical staff to refer back to.  In addition, his use of the split screen (also available on the iPad Air 2) allows him to multitask quite a bit.

I myself use the split screen often on an iPad Air 2.  In most meetings you can find one half of my screen utilizing Microsoft’s OneNote to take notes with while the other half of the screen has my email up.  This multi-function allows me to better manage my time in and out of meetings.

At the end of the day, the iPad Pro is considered by many to be the best iPad yet.  Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated multiple times that the iPad Pro is not meant to be a replacement of your MacBook and Apple has no plans in the future to combine the two.  I for one hope that he changes his mind and the next MacBook Air release also has the touchscreen technology of an iPad… I hope…

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