AppleCrossing Repair Service | Repair
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Have you ever dropped your iPhone and in that instant before it makes contact with the tile or cement below, you realize that your life would be significantly more difficult to manage without that little device? We know exactly how you feel.


AppleCrossing is dedicated to reduce the stress that comes with the age old question: “What happens if my iPhone stops working?”

Our repair options:

Glass Digitizer Replacement

LCD Repair/Replacement

Button Repair for Volume, Mute, Power, and Home

Speaker/Microphone Repair

Power Port Repair (Traditional or Lightning)

Battery Replacement

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Harddrive Replacement or Upgrade

add-on services

Service Contracts (allowing for reduced repair rates)

On-site repair services (we come to you)

Device Pick-Up and Delivery

Employee Discount Programs

Productivity Training Seminars for iPad and iPhone