K-12 Tech Repair | Summer is in Full Swing! Is your iPhone Protected?
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Summer is in Full Swing! Is your iPhone Protected?

Summer is in Full Swing! Is your iPhone Protected?

iPhone Not Waterproof

It’s that time of year.  Most people think that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but there is one thing wrong with Christmas:  Winter.

Those of us who dislike winter grudgingly tolerate it from around December 22 until New Year’s Day and then are ready to move on.  Somehow though, each snowflake seems to find the inside of our ear and the bone chilling wind seems to do just that; chill us to the bone.

But now, it’s that time of year.

Summer means spending time with family and friends on the beach, on the boat or at least close by.  In contrast to the layers of clothing we wear in the winter, for good or bad our wardrobe dissolves into swimming outfits of all colors, styles and levels of modesty.

One of the more interesting puzzles to figure out when wearing our latest “cossie,” as they say down under, is where to put our closest friend, our iPhone.

There are a variety of products available that allow us to keep in touch, measure our strokes and safely keep our iPhones from “drowning.”

There are waterproof armbands, and water resistant clear cases.  Also available are headbands designed to hold and protect your ear buds.  Most of the cases are intended to protect your iFriend for up to 30 minutes in shallow water.

So what happens if your phone goes for a swim unprotected?

First, don’t turn it back on.  It’ll need to dry first.

Second, wash off the phone with alcohol.  No, not THAT alcohol, the kind you get at the drug store called Rubbing Alcohol.

Next, use the old trick of filling an airtight container with silica sand (found in some kitty litters… yes, kitty litter) and let it absorb the moisture for a couple of days.

After spending time with “whiskers

” If just hitting the power button doesn’t resurrect the phone, try plugging it in.  While not every phone will recover, it’s clearly worth a try.

So here’s wishing you and your iPhone fun in the sun…oh, the sun.  That’s a whole different problem, isn’t it?

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