K-12 Tech Repair | We are Being Invaded by Orange Barriers!
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We are Being Invaded by Orange Barriers!

We are Being Invaded by Orange Barriers!

On the night of August 14th, 2016, central Carmel was invaded by strange, oblong, orange creatures….  They made their presence first known at the intersection of Carmel Drive and Rangeline Road and are said to be spreading throughout the city.  These odd shaped creatures, adorned with white and orange stripes on their bellies, contain a single amber colored eye on top of their heads. While the orange beasts are considered to be safe to humans, they are considered to be very dangerous to local businesses and to rookie roundabout guests.  Rest assured Earthlings, the dreaded construction barrels may be obtrusive and even a little intimidating, but they will NOT hurt you.  You may be forced to drive in circles and will likely witness your iPhone skid across your dashboard.  Before you resign to the centripetal pull of the roundabout, exit at Carmel drive and visit us at AppleCrossing. You will receive $5.00 off any tempered glass for your iPad or iPhone and we are happy to discuss your Mac repair needs.  Come see us… We are OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION!

The easiest way to reach us is to make your way to Carmel Drive by way of Keystone:

  • From North: Exit Keystone at the Carmel Drive exit and make an immediate right at the round-a-bout so you’re heading west (McDonalds should be on your right if you’re heading the right direction)
  • From South: Exit Keystone at the 116th St/Carmel Dr exit.  Go through the round-a-bout so that you’re on the service drive still headed north (Starbucks will be on your right if you’re heading in the right direction).  At Carmel Drive go around the round-a-bout so that you are heading east. (McDonalds should be on your right if you’re heading the right direction)


Make your way down Carmel Dr and you’ll see barriers up with a sign saying “Business Open”.  Drive past those and we’ll be up on your right.


roudabout map



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