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AppleCrossing Cares

AppleCrossing Cares

AppleCrossing Cares:  Why Do We Give Back?


In today’s business world, “giving back” is something we all try to do.  As a whole, the entrepreneur community understands that America is not only a “land of opportunity” but a pipeline for new ideas, a churning caldron for innovation and invention.

For many of us, that Entrepreneurial Spirit motivates us to go beyond the 5 o’clock end of the work day and beyond the Profit and Loss statement, but there is a drive to share with others our ideas, our time, our energy and even a portion of our earnings.

AppleCrossing believes in giving back to the community.  We are active in a variety of causes here where we live and we’ve expanded that to schools both here in Central Indiana and beyond.

We believe that “doing what’s right” should be more than just good customer service.  All businesses should provide that minimal standard or they won’t be in business long.  We believe that “giving back” should extend to our relationships with our customers, partners, team members and anyone else connected to AppleCrossing.

We especially believe this to be true of the boys and girls, young men and women who are the next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors and dreamers of dreams.  This is why AppleCrossing is focused on education both as a business model and as a core philanthropic belief.

We that believe giving back is more than just “the right thing to do”, it’s necessary to our corporate mission, it’s necessary to our personal missions, and it drives our company to further growth so we can give more.

AppleCrossing Cares!


James Cowell
Founder & CEO

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